Health Care Surrogate (Living Wills)

Health Care Surrogate and Living Will: Allows an individual to name an agent who is given the authority to make healthcare decisions where the individual cannot act for themselves. Further, the individual can elect whether they prefer to be on life sustaining treatments, should they require continual treatments or procedures to remain alive. This document is similar to a Durable Power of Attorney in that it protects an individual should they become incapacitated through paralysis, dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. This is effective during the individual’s lifetime, but ceases upon death.

Advance Directive (HIPAA Release): Allows an individual’s designated Health Care Surrogate to obtain critical medical information to make informed medical decisions. Generally, medical institutions are unauthorized to disclose medical information unless a release has been executed. This document is provides authorization in advance, in case the individual cannot execute a release due to the incident requiring the medical attention.


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