Probate is the legal process of transferring assets from the name of a deceased individual into the name of that individual’s heirs.  Probate only applies to assets held at death in the individual’s sole name. Joint assets pass to the surviving joint owner (i.e. husband & wife). Insurance Policies, IRA’s, 401-k’s and other assets that have “beneficiary designations” pass outside of probate, outside of the Will, to the named beneficiaries.

Probate administration can be an exhausting and complicated process. If you have been named as a Personal Representative and are unsure of your duties or the process in general, contact our office.  We can walk you through the Probate process and ensure that your fiduciary responsibilities are accomplished. We understand that Probate administration is a full-time job.  Our goal is simplify the process as best we can and eliminate the stress involved with the administration.

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